UMKC Catalog


Scholarly Publications
The UMKC School of Law offers several opportunities for students to develop research, writing and editorial skills through journal participation.

Law Review

The UMKC Law Review is a scholarly legal publication, managed by the UMKC Law Review Editorial Board and edited by the board and staff. Law students are invited to become a member of the Law Review based on their scholastic performance and achievement in a writing competition, which occurs during the spring semester. Law Review membership is considered one of the highest Law School honors. The Law Review is responsible for publishing four issues a year. One issue of the Law Review each year contains a Law Stories section that publishes stories about personal experiences or lessons learned in legal practice, unique clients or enlightening client interactions, or illuminating episodes in legal education.  The UMKCLaw Review is the only law review in the country with a section devoted to law and narrative.Each quarterly issue contains contemporary articles by leading authorities in the legal community, comprehensive comments on legal topics written by members of the editorial board and senior staff members and notes by staff members analyzing recent legal developments. By actively participating in the publication process, staff members greatly improve their writing, analytical and editing skills.

Urban Lawyer

The Urban Lawyer is a prestigious and widely-read journal covering the areas of urban and public law. It is published quarterly by the American Bar Association's Section on State and Local Government Law. The articles are collected, annotated and edited by student editors and faculty members at the Law School. As a member of the staff, the student is provided with an opportunity to enhance research, writing, and analytical skills, and to gain a wide spectrum of knowledge of urban law. Selection for staff positions is by a writing competition at the beginning of the spring semester.

Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers has chosen the School to assume editorial responsibility for its twice-yearly publication. The journal uses a symposium style format with featured articles on a selected family-law theme and an annotated bibliography of articles related to the issue's theme. The journal is edited by a faculty member with student editorial assistance. Under the faculty member's supervision, students research and write papers on a topic designated for an upcoming issue and edit submitted lead articles. Papers submitted by students are considered for publication in the journal.