UMKC Catalog


Foreign Student LL.M. Grading

The grading scale is as follows:


A (including + and -)

B (including + and -)

C (including + and -)


Not Pass


The A, B, C grades are given consistent with standards for juris doctor students, and if a foreign LL.M. student a student achieves this level of grade, he or she may transfer the credit to the juris doctor program.  A “pass” grade signifies that the student has not performed to the level required of a juris doctor student, but that the student has demonstrated basic competency on course objectives as those objective relate to the foreign LL.M. program.  If the student earns a grade of “pass” the student receives LL.M. credit, but cannot transfer the credit to the JD program. A “not pass” indicates that the student did not demonstrate basic competency on course objectives, and that course does not count towards fulfilling the graduation requirements for the LL.M. degree.


Accommodation of LL.M. students. A professor in his or her discretion may allow additional work beyond that assigned generally in the course to allow a foreign LL.M. student to achieve a “pass” grade.  The professor should indicate at the beginning of the course whether he or she will allow additional work, and what conditions or standards may apply.  Supplemental work is to be decided upon by the faculty member.  Examples include a paper, re-taking of an exam, an oral examination, field observations and reports.