UMKC Catalog


Curriculum, Master of Laws (General)

Program Requirements

There are no specific course requirements. Rather, the course of studies is one developed by the student and his/her adviser based upon a set of courses related to a specific thematic goal and approved by the graduate studies committee. It must include a thesis related to the subject area chosen.

Jurisprudential Requirement

Students must take one jurisprudential course approved by their adviser.

Thesis Requirement

A minimum of four and a maximum of eight credit hours (to be determined by students in consultation with their thesis adviser) may be given for a written thesis on a subject approved by the student's thesis committee. The thesis must show substantial evidence of original research or development of the principles of at least one interdisciplinary field related to the student's thematic goal; be at least 75 pages in length; and be of high scholastic quality, suitable for publication as a lead article in a scholarly journal.

The thesis committee, consisting of the thesis adviser (selected by the student with the adviser's consent) and the UMKC School of Law graduate studies committee, must approve the topic and the final form and substance of the thesis.

Other Courses

The UMKC Law School graduate studies committee may approve up to six credit hours of courses in other schools and departments of the University related to the student's thematic goal. Generally, students may not take required or basic bar examination J.D. courses for graduate credit.