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Social Science (SOC-SCI)

SOC-SCI 465P      Human Resources In The Service Industry View Details
This course will trace the historical development, and examine current policies and procedures of human resources in service organizations. Special emphasis will be placed on understanding the evolving importance of employees in developing systems to meet operational goals. Management and labor perspectives on legal employment issues, compensations issues, and team development strategies will be examined. Prerequisites: None. Offered: Any Semester.
Credits: 4 hours
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SOC-SCI 489P      Internship In Hospitality Studies View Details
This course will allow students to demonstrate mastery of acquired theories and principles in conjunction with a working hospitality organization. Emphasis will be placed on directed research and readings to enhance individual understanding or concepts. Students will work with the Hospitality Studies Coordinator on exact course requirements. Prerequisites: Permission of instructor. Offered: Every Semester.
Credits: 4 hours
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SOC-SCI 490C      Readings In Labor Economics View Details
See ECON 490C. Prerequisites: ECON 201 and ECON 202. Offered: Winter.
Credits: 1 hours
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