UMKC Catalog


Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the DNP program will be prepared to:

1.       serve as leaders in nursing and health care.

2.       demonstrate advanced knowledge, values, and skills in a selected area of nursing.

3.       demonstrate advanced knowledge, values, and skills in a selected functional role.

4.       synthesize theory, research knowledge and methods to create, implement, and evaluate

a.        practice interventions,

b.       health delivery systems,

c.        clinical teaching.



Program Requirements


Pre-Requisite Coursework:

NURSE 5550 Theoretical Foundations in Nursing (3)

NURSE 5555 Nursing Research: Evidence-Based Practice (3)

NURSE 5612 Statistics I or Graduate Level Statistics Course (3)


Core Coursework:

Summer I

NURSE 5602 Healthcare Systems & Leadership (3) and four days on-site


Fall I

NURSE 5608 Theory I (3)

NURSE 5664 Concepts & Approaches of Epidemiology


Spring I

NURSE 5606 Policy & Advocacy (3)

NURSE 5611 Healthcare Economics & Quality (3)

NURSE 5613 Application of Evidence-based Practice (3)


Summer II

 NURSE 5617 Application of Evidence-Based Practice II - DNP Clinical and a 2-4 day site visit


Fall II

NURSE 5620 Advanced Practice V (5) - DNP Clinical


Spring II

NURSE 5624 Clinical Capstone (5)