UMKC Catalog


Academic Regulations and Requirements

Class Attendance

Regular attendance at classes is strongly recommended for students to progress satisfactorily through the pharmacy curriculum. Required attendance, however, is left to the discretion of the individual instructor and course coordinator. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with all course requirements and assignments.

Students are to report absences to the course coordinator as outlined in individual course policies (e.g., syllabus, course outline). Absences for official school or University activities will be handled through the course coordinator. The course coordinator must be notified prior to the event or activity. In either event, any notice sent to the course coordinator is for purposes of information only and does not relieve students of any responsibilities for completing work missed in their absence or non-adherence to individual course policies.


Absences from Scheduled Examinations

Unless specified otherwise on the course syllabus, students may be excused from a scheduled examination if they notify the course coordinator of their absence in advance of the examination and present a statement from their private physician confirming their illness on their return. The manner in which a justified absence from an examination will be made up will be determined by the course coordinator. Instructors do reserve the right to hold examinations outside of regularly scheduled class times. Such examinations will be noted in the School of Pharmacy schedule of classes.

Students may not be given an opportunity to make up an unexcused absence from an examination, and their scores shall be recorded as zero for a numerically scored exam and F for a letter-graded examination.

The only exceptions to this rule shall be when the student's absence is traumatic in nature (e.g., automobile accident, sudden death in family, etc.) or when prior arrangements have been made with the course coordinator.


Academic Loads

All coursework in the pharmacy curriculum is sequential and success depends upon the instruction and content from the previous semester and builds upon knowledge needed for subsequent semesters. Pharmacy students must enroll for the total program as outlined for each semester in the most current version of the curriculum.


Exceptions to Pharmacy Curriculum

Students are expected to satisfactorily complete all required courses and noncredit requirements in the pharmacy curriculum. Any exception to the normal curriculum must be approved by the school's Committee on Admissions and Academic Requirements.  Petitions for Exception must be submitted to the committee for its consideration at least one month prior to the start of the semester for which the exception is being requested.


Concurrent Enrollment

A pharmacy student may not enroll at another institution while also enrolled at UMKC unless prior approval has been obtained from the Committee on Admissions and Academic Requirements. Approval requires completion of a petition for exception or a Kansas City Area Student Exchange Program (KCASE) form. KCASE applications are available from the Registrar's Office.


Grading System

Refer to the grade-point system listed in the General Undergraduate Academic Regulations and Information section of this catalog and to the individual course syllabi. Note: Letter grade changes must be made no later then four weeks from the beginning of the next semester, to include summers, unless a shorter time frame be affixed by a course coordinator. This policy applies to School of Pharmacy division courses only and does not apply to incomplete grades.

Doctor of Pharmacy students are not eligible for GPA Adjustment through the UMKC repeated courses policy.


Academic Standing for Doctor of Pharmacy Students

A student’s academic standing is determined by their academic performance while progressing through the curriculum.

Terms and Definitions Associated with Academic Standing:

  1. Good Academic Standing:  A student not on academic probation nor on a readmission contract.
  2. Academic Concern: Less than a C grade on a test or major assignment.   Students meeting criteria for Academic Concern will be monitored through the Student Success Program.
  3. Academic Probation: Less than a 2.00 term grade point average (GPA), with no grades of D, F, WF, or NC, or less than a 2.00 cumulative GPA in any one semester.  
  4. Academic Dismissal:     Dismissal occurs for any of the following circumstances:
  • Receipt of a D, F, WF, or a NC grade in any coursework in a single semester
  • Receipt of less than a 2.0 term GPA while on academic probation
  • Placement on Academic Probation two consecutive semesters
  • Placement on Academic Probation more than two non-consecutive semesters

Students who withdraw from required coursework are ineligible to continue in the regular curriculum unless approved course equivalents can be successfully completed during the subsequent term.

5.Readmission on Academic Contract: A student who is academically dismissed can apply for readmission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program.  If a student is readmitted, they are placed on an academic contract and must meet the conditions of their contract throughout the rest of their time as a UMKC pharmacy student.  A student will not be readmitted if:

  • They were dismissed for a second time after failing to meet the terms of their academic contract. A second dismissal causes the student to be irrevocably  dismissed from the Doctor of Pharmacy program.
  • They were a first year student who become academically ineligible to continue at the end of their first semester.  Those students must reapply to the Doctor of Pharmacy program through the regular admission process if wishing to seek re-entry.

Leave of Absence:

Pharmacy students can petition for a leave of absence under the following stipulations: 

  • Student is eligible for reentry into the program.
  • Petition must be initiated during the current term no later than the 12th week of class.  Petitions for leaves due to catastrophic events will be given an exception.
  • Petition includes a personal statement detailing reason for leave.
  • Documentation from a health care professional is required supporting reason for leave if reason for leave is medical.
  • Documentation from Department of Defense if leave is for military departure

Pharmacy students approved for leave of absence:

  • Will be withdrawn from all courses as per University policy.
  • Are approved for up to one year leave only.  An extension may be requested if needed and well documented; the request for an extension cannot extend more than one year . Students who do not return by the date noted on their approved leave and who are not granted an approved extension will be required to reapply for admission.
  • Will not be enrolled for pharmacy coursework in the subsequent semester(s) and must notify the Board of Pharmacy and their current pharmacy employer of the change in status as they are ineligible to maintain any current pharmacy intern license.  


A student on a leave of absence will not:

  • Be eligible for any financial aid disbursements during the semester(s) while on a leave of absence.  A student on a leave of absence will be reported to lenders and loan service agencies as “non-attending” and will need to contact his/her lenders for information on possible repayment requirements, deferments and forbearances.
  • Have access to campus computing labs, Student Health and Wellness Services, or any campus or university services available only to currently enrolled students.  Students on a leave will be able to maintain their UMKC exchange email account, however.


Reasons for the Policy

The UMKC School of Pharmacy recognizes that students admitted to professional studies occasionally encounter academic difficulty.  The reasons for encountering academic difficulty are diverse and may include financial pressure, inadequate study skills and personal situations.  The School of Pharmacy has established policies designed to give all students an opportunity to be reinstated following withdrawal or poor academic performance. 


Procedures for Students Placed on Academic Probation

All cases of probation will be reviewed by the Committee for Academic Requirements to determine the reasons for the unsatisfactory progress.  Following review, the chair of the Academic Requirements Committee will notify the student of the Academic Probation status by letter.  In order to be removed from Academic Probation status, the student must:  

  • Receive no less than a 2.00 term GPA in the next academic semester;
  • Raise their cumulative GPA above 2.00 in the next academic semester.


Procedures for Students Eligible for Readmission

  1. a.      Readmission Post Leave of Absence

Petitions for readmission after a leave of absence will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.  Re-entry is contingent on their eligibility to continue, results of a new Criminal Background Check and space available in the class the student seeks to re-enter.  Pharmacy students returning from a leave of absence must:

  • Submit the petition for re-entry at least two months prior to the beginning of the term applying for re-entry. Upon re-entry will continue under the student’s same academic standing status that was in place at the time the leave of absence began.
  • Be held under the policies and procedures in place at the time of their re-entry.
  • Complete a Criminal Background Check
  • Supply a letter from a health professional and/or other entity verifying that the student can return to full-time, collegiate work.
  • Provide any additional documentation from other entities as required by the School to assess readiness for readmission.
  • Incorporate any curricular or policy changes into plan of study. Program and graduation requirements may change during a student’s leave of absence.  It is at the discretion of the School to define the program and graduation requirements once the student has been approved to return from a leave of absence.


  1. Readmission of Eligible Students Post Academic Dismissal

Any student who is dismissed from the Doctor of Pharmacy program is notified in writing by the Chair of the Committee for Academic Requirements.  Any student dismissed because of academic deficiencies cannot continue until the Dean or designee has rendered a decision on their petition for re-entry. 


The following steps must be followed in order for an eligible student to be readmitted:

  1. Prepare the petition:
  • Meet with their Professional Development Adviser (PDA) to discuss their current situation and develop a petition for re-entry into the Doctor of Pharmacy Program.  (See School of Pharmacy website at for petition form).  Student prints and signs the petition form.  The petition must also be reviewed and signed by the student’s PDA.


  • The objective section of the petition must state the student’s intent.  Options may include:
    • Immediate re-entry into the Doctor of Pharmacy program to complete professional elective coursework only and restart required coursework the subsequent year.
    • Immediate re-entry into the Doctor of Pharmacy program to complete pharmacy coursework with their original class upon entry (this option is only possible if there is a remedial course that can be completed or student can complete their prerequisites before moving the next semester
    • Change of major and complete coursework not associated with the Doctor of Pharmacy program for a semester, but that counts towards an alternate degree with plans to reapply during a subsequent term to a different class year.  Students who wish to petition for re-entry and are eligible must submit a petition no later than one year after dismissal occured.


  • The petition must also include:
    • How they are better prepared for a professional program
    • A curricular plan based on coursework in need of completion and academic readiness
    • Corrective measures taken by the student since her/his dismissal. Corrective measures may include reduction in work hours, additional tutoring, decreasing commitments to student organization, or support through the Counseling Center.
    • Plans to repeat any course in which a grade of less than C was achieved as well as complete related coursework in a single semester for a minimum of 12 credit hours.


Note: Any student who is eligible for readmission works with their PDA to prepare the petition. A student who is not eligible for readmission can work the Associate Dean for Student Affairs or the Director of Student Affairs regarding options for their academic career beyond pharmacy and with an Academic Advisor from Student Services regarding logistics of transferring to another major.  PDA’s cannot advise students who are academically ineligible to continue in the program and should refer them to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs or the Director of Student Affairs.


  1. Submit the petition to the Office of Student Services at least one week prior to the start of the semester for which the exception or request is being made.  Any deviation from this deadline must be approved by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.  Petitions will not be accepted unless the petition has been reviewed and signed by the PDA or their designee.
  2. Petitions are reviewed by the School of Pharmacy Dean or designee to determine the reason for unsatisfactory progress.  The dean or designee will consider petitions based on:
  • Performance in previous course work completed by the student and other circumstances surrounding their dismissal
  • Corrective measures taken by the student to address academic readiness, financial problems, personal matters, and/or course work deficiencies,
  • Availability of space in the professional class the student seeks to enter
  • Successful completion of all required course work prior to the semester the student seeks to enter.
  1. Petition is accepted, denied, or modified by the Dean or designee.  The student will be notified in writing as to the decision. If granted, a written contract containing the terms of readmission is generated by the Dean or their designee. Terms of a readmission contract are determined on a case by case basis.  The student may be assigned to their original campus location or to an alternative campus location based upon space availability.  This written contract is signed by the student and placed in their academic file. 


Conditions of readmission include, but are not limited to:

  • The student remains on academic contract and continues to meet the terms of their contract for the duration of their tenure in the Doctor of Pharmacy program.
  • The student meets with their PDA as set forth in the readmission contract. 
  • The student does not receive any grades of NC, D, F or WF in any course during the remainder of their tenure in the Doctor of Pharmacy program. 
  • The student successfully completes sequence I before sequence II of courses that carry the I and II designation

Noncredit Requirements

All doctor of pharmacy students are expected to actively participate in professional activities offered or required by the School of Pharmacy. These activities mirror those expected in professional practice and are intended to better prepare the student for professional life. The following are requirements for all Pharm.D. students.  Students will be notified if additional certifications or requirements apply.  

The following requirements apply to Doctor of Pharmacy students (as defined for each item), unless a waiver is obtained from the appropriate school official:


Career Fair

All students must attend and participate at the Pharmacy Career Enhancement and Professional Preparation Day during their senior year unless previously excused, in writing, in advance of the event by the Dean or designee.


Certifications in Basic Cardiac Life Support/Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (BCLS/CPR) for Health Professionals and First Aid Training

All students must complete BCLS/CPR and First Aid. Certification must be uploaded in E-Value prior to enrollment in summer Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences [IPPE] or in Academic Service Learning.  The certification must be valid through the last Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiential [APPE] rotation.


Criminal Background Checks (CBCs)

The University, on behalf of the School of Pharmacy, agrees to inform students that as a condition of full admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program and for participating in any affiliated institution or site [academic service learning and/or introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiential rotations], they must obtain and provide verification of a current, criminal background check prior to that student's assignment at an affiliated hospital/institution/practice site. The affiliated hospital/institution/practice site hereby understands and agrees that the decision to permit a student to participate at that affiliated hospital/institution/practice site on the basis of the result of any criminal background check remains solely with the affiliated hospital/institution and not the University. Failure on the student's part to submit to criminal background checks will delay progression or render a student unable to complete the professional degree program.



Drug Screens

Pharmacy students may be subject to random drug screens as a condition of participation in experiential education and patient care activities. The drug screen will be collected as per the policy and procedures of the site requesting the information. If the school is made aware of the results of any positive findings, they will be shared with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs for further evaluation.


Students may be required to complete random drug screens as part of compliance with the UMKC School of Pharmacy Alcohol and Drug Use Policy. 



Students must successfully complete the University of Missouri online HIPAA tutorial annually starting prior to summer IPPE’s.

    • Select “HIPAA Online Education Module”
  • Note: completing the online HIPAA course does not relieve students from having to complete additional training as required by any individual practice site.

Intern Pharmacist Licensure

Students enrolled in the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum at UMKC are required to obtain a valid Intern Pharmacist License issued by the Missouri Board of Pharmacy or provide proof of application submission for a license by the start of semester three in order to fully participate in the curriculum.  The Missouri Intern Pharmacist License must remain valid through the last Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience. 


In order to apply and maintain a valid Missouri Intern Pharmacist License the following rules apply:


  • Doctor of Pharmacy students must successfully complete [grade of C- or higher] all curricular requirements in semester one and two in order to apply for a Missouri Intern Pharmacist License. 
  • Pharmacist Intern License applications and renewals can take up to four to six weeks to be processed by the Missouri Board of Pharmacy so students should plan accordingly.
  • Photocopies of all documentation (initial application and all accompanying materials) must be submitted by the student to the School of Pharmacy Student Services Office.
  • Restrictions placed on any state Pharmacy Intern License by disciplinary action of a State Board of Pharmacy are reviewed by the Committee on Admissions and Academic Requirements on a case-by-case basis to evaluate if the student may participate in the curriculum.  A student who holds any state Pharmacy Intern License with restrictions will be referred to the UMKC School of Pharmacy Honor Council for appropriate action.
  • Disciplinary actions by any State Board of Pharmacy must be reported by the student to the Assistant/Associate Dean of Student Affairs within 30 days.  Photocopies of all disciplinary actions must be provided by the student.  Failure to report disciplinary actions on a Pharmacy Intern License within 30 days will be considered academic dishonesty and all such cases will be referred to the UMKC School of Pharmacy Honor Council for appropriate action.
  • Loss of a valid Pharmacy Intern License by disciplinary action of a State Board of Pharmacy renders the student ineligible to continue in the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum.
  • A student not eligible to continue in the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum for any reason must notify the Missouri Board of Pharmacy and their current pharmacy employer if working in a pharmacy regarding the change in academic status. 
  • Successful completion of all portions of the curriculum, both credit and non-credit requirements, are necessary for a student to meet graduation requirements and accrue sufficient Internship hours toward pharmacist licensure eligibility.
  • For more information and directions go to


Intern Pharmacist Liability

Students must provide proof of liability insurance prior to enrollment in Academic Service Learning (ASL) and IPPE.  The insurance must remain valid through the last APPE rotation.


Laptop/Tablet Requirements 

All School of Pharmacy students are required to have a wireless capable mobile device (i.e., laptop computer, netbook, tablet device) as equipment to perform assignments and class activities. The MU Tiger Tech program through the MU Bookstore and the UMKC RooTech program through the UMKC Bookstore offer a selection of hardware and software, financing options and services at educational prices. There is no required brand or model. The mobile device must meet the following minimum capabilities and software requirements.

 Functional Capabilities:

Wireless capable

Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.)

Word Processing capable (view, edit, create Word documents)

  • Microsoft Office suites available at discounted student prices at bookstore

Internal/external video camera

Internal/external microphone

 Software Requirements:

Virus Protection Software (McAfee, Norton, Microsoft Security Essentials, etc.)

Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free)

 Tablet Applications:

Citrix Receiver™ application for Android/iOS (free application)

Tegrity application for Android/iOS (free application)


Missouri Family Care Registry List

All students must register prior to enrollment in their summer IPPE. See E-Value for instructions.


Immunization Requirements

Health care providers (HCP) are at risk for contracting and transmitting infectious diseases as a result of contact with their patients.  All students must adhere to the UMKC Doctor of Pharmacy Student immunization requirements for their own protection and the protection of their patients.  Submission of immunization certificates are a condition of acceptance and must be on file in the Office of Experiential Programs and remain current through out students tenure in the Pharm.D. program according to the following requirements:


Pharm.D. Orientation

All entering students must attend and participate in all sessions of the Doctor of Pharmacy orientation prior to full matriculation into the First Professional Year unless they are excused, in writing, in advance of the event by the Dean or designee. 


Professionalism Policies

Students must adhere to the all Professionalism Standards


Standards of Professional and Ethical Conduct and Honor Council Procedures

All students entering the Doctor of Pharmacy program receive a copy of the school's Honor Council Procedures and Standards of Professional and Ethical Behavior. These policies and procedures provide peer and faculty review to ensure these standards are upheld by each pharmacy student. In all cases of academic dishonesty, the instructor shall make an academic assessment about the student's grade on that work and in that course.


Standards of Professional Attire and Classroom Behavior

Upon acceptance and entry into the School of Pharmacy, students begin a process of developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes that creates the fundamental core of the profession of pharmacy. The development of these competencies to a practitioner's level takes several years, but early initiation of these professional behaviors promotes the development of professionalism. In order to provide students direction to this end, upon entering the Doctor of Pharmacy program all students receive a copy of the school's Standards of Professional Attire and Classroom Etiquette and must abide by these standards.


Safety Training

All pharmacy students are required to attend and complete required safety training and receive certification beginning with the First Professional Year and maintain certifications on an annual basis to include, but not limited to, Blood Borne Pathogens, Fire Hazard, Chemical Management, and Hazard Communication.


University of Missouri Code of Conduct Online Tutorial

The tutorial is completed by all Columbia-based students prior to enrollment in their summer IPPE and then retaken annually.  Kansas City students will also complete the tutorial if they complete a rotation within the University Healthcare System.


White Coat Ceremony

All students are expected to attend and participate in the School of Pharmacy Professional Dedication Ceremony during the appropriate semester, unless previously excused, in writing, in advance of the event by the Dean or designee.


Note: The School of Pharmacy reserves the right to add other noncredit requirements as deemed necessary to protect the health and safety of the students or to further their education.

Directed Individual Study

The opportunity to undertake independent study is offered through Pharmacy 7497 courses. These courses may satisfy part of the professional elective requirement. Generally, the student receives the individual attention of a professor in the chosen field of study, and the project may involve any topic considered appropriate to the academic needs of the student. Once the student and instructor have agreed on a project, a permission-to-enroll form that includes an outline of the proposed course of study signed by the instructor must be reviewed and approved for credit by the school's curriculum committee. This must be done at least one month prior to the start of the term in which the coursework is to commence. Pharmacy 7497 requests that are part of a national, regional, or local competitive proposal or any part of a student organizational initiative may not be used for Directed Individual Study proposals.

No more than five credit hours of Pharmacy 7497 courses may be counted toward the degree requirements. Pharmacy 7497 courses are offered on a credit/no credit basis only.


Off-campus Learning Experiences

All Pharm.D. students are required to participate in experiential learning rotations. All of the experiential learning courses are conducted in actual practice settings (e.g., community, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) under the supervision of licensed pharmacy practitioners—instructors who serve as exemplary role models in their particular types of pharmacy practice. Students are expected to provide their own transportation to sites assigned for the experiential learning.

Experiential sites may be located outside the Kansas City area. During the Introductory and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiential rotations, living and travel expenses are the responsibility of the student. Other expenses may apply.  

Outside Employment

Because of the intensity of the professional curriculum, students are strongly urged to limit outside employment to no more than 10 hours per week while enrolled in the school. Students experiencing academic difficulties as a result of commitments to outside employment may be asked by the school's committee on admissions and academic requirements to stop outside work until their academic difficulties are resolved.

Additional Policies and Stipulations

Students should refer to the UMKC School of Pharmacy website for additional policies and required forms.
Note: Program requirements and course descriptions are subject to change without notice after publication of this catalog. Pharmacy students are encouraged to remain in contact with their professional development adviser and professional staff in the Pharmacy Student Services Office to stay apprised of current program requirements in effect.