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The purpose of the pre-medicine/dentistry curriculum is to prepare the student for application to medical/dental schools. Students may complete the pre-medicine/dentistry curriculum within any major.

The courses recommended in the pre-medicine/dentistry curriculum do not constitute an academic major but are the courses required for entrance into the majority of medical/dental schools in the United States and Canada. They also provide students with the information needed to obtain top scores on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and Dental Admissions Test (DAT), which are required for entrance into medical and dental schools.

In addition to gaining a strong foundation in the sciences, pre-medicine/dentistry students also will receive support services to help them best prepare for application to medical or dental school.

For students considering other health professions or seeking admission to specific programs with additional prerequisite courses, the curriculum may be tailored to meet these requirements.

Medical/Dental School Admission Requirements

A. Two semesters (eight semester hours) of general biology with corresponding laboratories: B. Two semesters (10 semester hours) of general chemistry with corresponding laboratories: C. Two semesters (eight semester hours) of organic chemistry with corresponding laboratories: D. Two semesters (eight semester hours) of physics including laboratories: E. Two semesters (six semester hours) of English composition:
In addition to the admission requirements listed above, most medical and dental schools recommend more advanced courses in biology, such as cell biology, genetics and biochemistry, and/or additional chemistry courses. Students should also take upper-level courses that demonstrate the requisite intellectual discipline and analytical and problem solving skills necessary to succeed in medical or dental school. Students are strongly encouraged to balance their work in the sciences with courses in communication studies, computer science, English literature, philosophy, psychology and sociology. A broad understanding of health care and medicine is also expected and work and/or volunteer experiences, including physician shadowing, in settings such as health care agencies, hospitals and physician offices is recommended.

UMKC School of Medicine MD Completion program

While the UMKC School of Medicine is primarily a combined-degree (BA/MD) program, it annually accepts a limited number of MD-only students who have completed their pre-medical studies and baccalaureate degrees. Students completing their pre-medical studies at UMKC and applying to the School of Medicine have the advantage of taking courses with medical students, interacting with faculty who also teach at the medical school and securing recommendations from individuals familiar with the School of Medicine’s curriculum and faculty. For more information about this program or to request an application, contact the Admissions Office at the School of Medicine.

UMKC School of Dentistry Reserved Admission Program

The Reserved Admission Program for the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree at the UMKC School of Dentistry enables highly motivated, ambitious, talented students to pursue their dream of becoming a dentist. Because admission to the Reserved Admission Program is very competitive, qualified reserved admission program students will have a reserved seat in a future UMKC School of Dentistry DDS Program class of their choosing, and they will not have to compete further for admission into the UMKC dental school. Entry into the program is available to students from Missouri and Kansas.

To be eligible to apply for Reserved Admission you must have completed a minimum of but not more than four semesters of college credit while being continuously enrolled in full-time course loads (a minimum of 15-18 credit hours per semester). Your science grade point average must be at least 3.60 in a degree-seeking program including prerequisite courses.

For more information about this program or to request an application, contact the Office of Student Programs at the School of Dentistry, 816-235-2080.