UMKC Catalog


Requirements for Placing Students in Applied Music Courses


1.      All new students (including transfers) must audition before the appropriate faculty for advisement and placement. The final determination of course number and hours of credit is made at the first jury. (This placement could range from a non-credit program to the 402 applied level.)

2.      All readmitted students will be assigned a level (major or secondary), a course number and the appropriate hours credit based on their last jury at UMKC. Any students who have interrupted their applied studies at UMKC for two or more consecutive semesters (not counting the summer session) must re-audition before the appropriate faculty.



1.      Periodically, as required by the performance divisions, all students taking lessons for credit will perform before a jury composed of the appropriate faculty, with the exception of levels 100B and 100C. If a jury is not required in a given semester, the grade will be assigned by the applied teacher. Students who have presented a degree-plan recital (an evaluated recital) for the current semester will be assigned a recital grade without a jury. Recital and jury grades are assigned according to the average of the teacher's grade (50 percent) and the jury committee's grade (50 percent).

2.      Final approval for advancement is subject to the action of the appropriate jury. If the jury decides that students have not made satisfactory progress, the students will be required to repeat a level, even though they might receive a passing grade.

3.      Upon completion of the 202 applied level, all students must have applied jury approval to move on to the 301 applied level of study. All students seeking a bachelor of music degree in performance must petition the appropriate applied jury for permission to continue in the degree program at the junior level.



1.      Students can request a change of level from secondary to major, or from major to secondary, for the next term but not the current term. In any case, students must complete the total number of hours required for the degree in applied music. Credit hours in major applied-music studies earned at another institution will be validated according to the approval of the appropriate jury.

2.      Skipping a class number is not allowed. Students advance either by satisfactory performance at a regular jury or by credit obtained through examination. The UMKC Registration Office should be contacted for details and actual registration for receiving credit through examination.


Specific degree requirements regarding applied music

1.      Bachelor of Music.  All bachelor of music students, except composition majors, must complete Applied Music Studies 402. A graded public recital is required. Music Theory majors must complete Applied Studies 402 (2 credit hours), with participation in CONSVTY 498 required in lieu of the graded public recital.

2.      Bachelor of Music in Music Composition.  All freshman and transfer students who are applying for admission as composition majors must take an applied audition as part of the application and admissions process. Results of the audition will be communicated to the composition coordinator, and will be used as part of the overall decision-making process, together with the student's portfolio, transcripts and supporting documents. In cases where the audition is not acceptable or where there is no room for that student in a given applied studio, the composition faculty may elect, if the other portions of the application are sufficiently strong, to recommend admission for the student on a provisional basis. The student must re-audition after a maximum of two semesters of study; if the situation is not resolved by the end of the first year, the student may then be denied composition major status and/or music major status.

3.      All bachelor of music education students must complete Applied Music Studies 401 (secondary). A studio recital is required.

4.      All bachelor of music education-therapy students must complete Applied Music Studies 301 (secondary).

5.      All bachelor of arts music students must complete Applied Music Studies 301 (secondary).


Missed lesson and tardy policy

Students who are late for lessons, or who miss them, do so at their own loss. Lessons missed for personal reasons of the instructor will be made up. Lessons missed because of students' illness will be made up at the discretion of the instructor.