UMKC Catalog


Recital Requirements
  1. Performance majors are required to perform in at least one Conservatory student recital each semester. Non-performance majors are expected to participate in student recitals at the request of the applied music teacher. A public senior recital at least 55 minutes long is required of all undergraduate performance majors. This recital will be in lieu of the jury examination for that semester.
  2. Bachelor of music education majors with choral emphasis or instrumental emphasis are required to perform a studio recital at least 30 minutes long. Students may petition their division if they want to give a public recital. The public recital may be graded at the option of students and the division. This grade will be in lieu of the jury at the option of the division.
  3. Students must give the required recital during a semester that they are enrolled in a 400-level applied music studies course.
  4. Bachelor of music majors with a jazz and studio music emphasis are required to present a public senior recital at least 50-minutes in length during the 402J semester. The program will include works arranged or composed by the student, chosen from a portfolio submitted to the appropriate jazz/studio music and composition faculty for approval. The student will perform works from the jazz repertoire on his or her major instrument.
  5. For dance requirements, see Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance page.