UMKC Catalog


Master of Music Education Required Courses


  CONSVTY 5500, CONSVTY 5600 Music History or Theory        3
CONSVTY 5574 History and Philosophy
  of Music Education 3
CONSVTY 5589 Academic Portfolio 3
CONSVTY 5599 Thesis 3
CONSVTY 5594A Introduction to Descriptive
  and Experimental Research in Music 3
Applied Musicianship(a) 2
Methods/Materials Advanced Courses
  (e.g., Conservatory 5540x, 5582x, 5583x, 5586x,
  5587x, Summer Workshops) 6
Electives 10
Total hours (minimum)30

(a) MME students wishing to satisfy the applied musicianship requirement by taking lessons in their undergraduate applied area will be required to perform an applied audition prior to enrolling in the first term. Typically, these lessons will occur on a TBA arrangement with applied faculty during the fall or spring semesters. These students must complete a semester of applied lessons at no lower than the 402-2 level. Other students who wish to refine applied skills through pedagogy study (e.g., CONSVTY 491/ CONSVTY 5591 or summer workshops) or through applied study on other instruments (e.g., CONSVTY 5500C) will not be required to audition.