UMKC Catalog


Performer's Certificate Required Courses
  Lessons and Recitals (Solo Experiences)(a)          16
  Chamber and Ensemble Work (Collaborative 
    Experiences) and/or Prescribed Electives           8
  Music Literature/Pedagogy(b)                       3-5
Total hours (minimum)27-29

Note: Voice students must pass the diction proficiency test in French, German and Italian.

(a) Instrumental and keyboard students: four hours of lessons and 12 hours of recitals. Piano students are required to present three public recitals and two collaborative recitals.  The collaborative recital requirement is part of the applied piano lesson - no extra credit is received. Voice students: eight hours of lessons and eight hours of recitals.
(b) Instrumental students, three hours; keyboard students, five hours; voice students, four hours.