UMKC Catalog


Doctor of Musical Arts in Performance Required Courses
  CONSVTY 5500-5600 Music History
  (three required)(a) 9
CONSVTY 5500-5600 Music Theory
  (three required) 9
CONSVTY 5591 Advanced Pedagogy 2(3)
CONSVTY 5593 Introduction to Research and
  Bibliography in Music 3
CONSVTY 5601 Applied Study(b) 4
CONSVTY 5697 Doctoral Recital
  (three required)(c) 12
CONSVTY 5697A Doctoral Lecture Recital 4
CONSVTY 5697/5698/5699(d) Doctoral
  Research 4
(a) All doctoral students are required to complete three graduate music history courses. One must be a period course (Conservatory 5555-5559), one must be a seminar course, and the remaining course may be either. Any substitutions must be approved by the music history faculty.
(b) A minimum of one semester of CONSVTY 5601, Applied Music, is required before the first solo recital. Voice performance majors, with the approval of the Vocal Studies Division, may enroll in CONSVTY 5697 (Doctoral Recital) any semester to receive credit for a major UMKC opera role (one time only).
(c) Performance majors must enroll in CONSVTY 5601, Applied Music; CONSVTY 5697, Doctoral Recital; or CONSVTY 5697A, Doctoral Lecture Recital, each semester of registration until the recital requirement has been fulfilled.
(d) A minimum of one doctoral research project, exhibiting the highest level of independence, must be finished after comprehensive examinations are successfully completed.

Language Requirement: A proficiency in one foreign language is required. See this section of the catalog for options.

Voice majors:
Must enroll in CONSVTY 5547, History of Opera (3 hours), and one from CONSVTY 5566A, CONSVTY 5566B, CONSVTY 5566C, CONSVTY 5566D, Vocal Literature, or CONSVTY 5548 Opera Literature (2 hours). Voice majors must pass the diction proficiency test in French, German and Italian.
All students whose major is an orchestral instrument must be enrolled in Conservatory Wind Symphony, Wind Ensemble or Conservatory Orchestra for a minimum of two semesters.
A maximum of three semesters of an ensemble can be counted on any D.M.A. planned program of study.
Must include three major works of chamber music in the recital component of the degree as determined in consultation with students' applied professor. These works may be performed on one program, or spread among the three recitals.
Piano majors must enroll for a total of two credits in chamber music. One of the three recitals (CONSVTY 5697) must include at least one major chamber work. In addition to the three recitals, three collaborative recitals must be completed. The collaborative recital requirement is part of the applied piano lesson-no extra credit is received.