UMKC Catalog


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance

The Dance Division curriculum reflects the career goals and employment opportunities of the undergraduate dance students. Students will be admitted to the dance program on the basis of a successful audition before the dance faculty, and a positive evaluation of their academic credentials and physical fitness. Student progress in the dance program will be evaluated by the dance faculty each semester during training.

Students are admitted provisionally until they are approved for their major, based on the evaluation and recommendation of the dance faculty.

Eligibility and Assessment Criteria

  1. Students auditioning for acceptance at the freshman level must demonstrate a basic ability in, and theoretical foundation for, dance training.
  2. At the completion of the second semester of the freshman year, students may advance to the next technical level in ballet and/or modern dance on the basis of a juried examination and assessment by the dance faculty.
  3. Students not advancing to the next technical level in ballet and/or modern dance will be required to repeat their present level.  This is only inclusive of the 100 technique level and the 200 technique level in ballet and modern.  Students are allowed to repeat a technical level for one year or two semesters.  If unsuccessful advancement occurs, students will be advised to change their major.
  4. When a student has met the proficiency standards at the completion of the sophomore year through a juried examination and at the recommendation of the dance faculty, the student may petition for declaration of a major and minor area of emphasis in ballet or modern dance.
  5. Following acceptance by the dance faculty, a student will be expected to achieve a fourth-year level of technical proficiency in the major area of emphasis and achieve a third-year level of technical proficiency in the minor area of emphasis.
  6. Dance majors must maintain a B average in all dance technique classes and an overall combined 3.0 GPA in all dance courses.
  7. All BFA candidates must perform in at least one main stage dance concert during the four years of study with the Dance Division.  There are two main stage concerts per year - the Fall Dance Concert and the Spring Dance Concert.  This does not include senior recitals.  A program of one main stage concert shall be submitted by the candidate to the Conservatory dance advisor for record.
  8. Upon completion of all degree requirements, and a satisfactory evaluation by the dance faculty of the senior recital, a student may submit application for graduation.

Program Prerequisites

  1. Students applying for the dance program must have previous training in ballet and/or modern dance.
  2. Applicants will be admitted, upon approval of the dance faculty, following mandatory auditions by the students.

Required DANCE Courses


  DANCE 140A- DANCE 140B 
  DANCE 141B- DANCE 442B
  DANCE 141M- DANCE 442M
  DANCE 107, DANCE 108
  DANCE 213C- DANCE 213D
  DANCE 217A, DANCE 217B
  DANCE 218A, DANCE 218B, DANCE 319A, DANCE 319B
  DANCE 250
  DANCE 260, DANCE 261
  DANCE 301
  DANCE 302
  DANCE 303
  DANCE 305, DANCE 306
  DANCE 309B
  DANCE 313A, DANCE 313B
  DANCE 405A, DANCE 405B
  DANCE 413A, DANCE 413B
  DANCE 414A, DANCE 414B
  DANCE 415A, DANCE 415B
  DANCE 416A, DANCE 416B,
  DANCE 493, DANCE 494
Total Hours101(103)
Required General Studies Courses
  ART 110
  COMM-ST 110
  CONSVTY 353A  or CONSVTY 125
  THEATRE 101 or THEATRE 300
  DANCE 106 -or- COMP-SCI 100
  Applied Music
  Total Hours30

* A senior recital is required. The recital must consist of two different dance forms studied in the four years of coursework, including one solo and one group work choreographed by the student. Further senior recital requirements are contained in the CONSVTY dance student handbook.

Throughout their programs of study, all dancers are expected to maintain general physical fitness and dance aesthetic as prescribed by the dance faculty. Health and dance aesthetic requirements, and many other details, are contained in the Conservatory Dance Student Handbook that is furnished to all dance students.