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Bachelor of Music Education - Choral and Instrumental Emphasis Areas

Students pursuing a BME with an Instrumental or Choral Emphasis may also receive an additional state certificate in their non-primary area by completing the following requirements:

Instrumental BME with Choral Certificate  
a. Instrumental Music K12 Certificate  
b. Choral Arranging 2
c. Applied Voice 4
d. Choral Techniques 2
e. Advanced Choral Conducting 2
f. Choral Literature 2
g. Choral Ensemble 2
Minimum Total Hours 14
Choral BME with Instrumental Certificate  
a. Choral Music K2 Certificate  
b. Methods/Techniques (strings, bass, woodinds, percussion) 6
c. Applied Major Instrument 2
d. Instrumental Ensemble 2
e. Advanced Instrumental Conducting 2
f. Instrumentation/Arranging 2
Minimum Total Hours 14