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Undergraduate Academic Regulations for Civil and Mechanical Engineering - C Prerequisite RuleA grade of "C" (2.0) or bett...

C Prerequisite Rule

A grade of "C" (2.0) or better must be earned in every course which is a prerequisite for an engineering course.



A student cannot take a course for audit and later expect to take the same course for credit in the degree program. For that reason, students must not audit any courses required in their program, unless credit has already been established. To audit an elective course, written consent from both the student’s adviser and the instructor of the course is required. After the first week of classes, a student cannot change from credit to audit or audit to credit.


Repeat of Courses

No courses taken within the University of Missouri system may be repeated if a grade of C or better has been obtained. All grades in each attempt count toward cumulative grade-point calculation.



To receive an exception from stated departmental guidelines or curriculum, the student must file a petition in the Department Office. To receive transfer credit for courses taken at another institution after admission to Civil Engineering, the student must file a petition in the Department Office.  If the petition is denied by the CME Academic Appeals Committee, the student may appeal the decision to the Dean of the School of Computing & Engineering. 



A student may withdraw from a course without academic assessment by completing a Drop/Add form before the deadline given in the UMKC Schedule of Classes.