UMKC Catalog


College of Arts & Sciences Major and Minor Requirements - Combined and Double Degree Programs

A double degree may be earned when a student completes a minimum of 150 hours, completing the general education and major requirements for each of two majors.  Students who earn a double degree will receive two diplomas simultaneously.  If the two degree programs are administered by different academic units, the general education and major requirements of both academic units must be completed.

In coordination with several of the professional schools, the College of Arts and Sciences students may earn combined degrees. Combined degree programs are offered in dentistry, law and medicine. In the combined degree program, 30 credit hours in the professional schools may count toward the fulfillment of the baccalaureate degree. All degree requirements of the College must be fulfilled. The professional hours are generally considered upper-level elective (blanket) credit. In this manner, the two degrees are earned concurrently and the student's program is accelerated considerably. Students are advised to check with the advising offices of the appropriate schools before making their plans.