UMKC Catalog


College of Arts & Sciences General Undergraduate Academic Regulations - Writing Intensive Requirement
Writing Intensive courses, designated with a WI or PW following the course number, are intended to help students learn to express themselves formally and coherently in discursive prose. Writing in this connection is to be regarded not as a corpus of art or information to which students should be exposed, but as a crucial skill, the teaching of which is among the primary missions of the College. It is assumed that extended and intensive writing can be equated with contemplation and concentration on the subject matter; students learn by writing in any field.

Each Writing Intensive course includes several writing assignments and these assignments form an integral part of students' efforts to progress in the course. A review and revision cycle is used with systematic feedback. The students' writing might address philosophical concerns, methods, or specific topics, but their work is always based on exposure to published expository writing. While the exercises may take different forms, they may include:

  1. Prewriting; e.g., outlines, journals, free-writing exercises and organizational notes.
  2. Submission of preliminary drafts for oral and written responses by the instructor (peer response also might be incorporated).
  3. Revision of content, organization, mechanics and style.
Students will prepare a number of different assignments of varying lengths and intent. An extended essay or term paper is expected in all Writing Intensive classes. Examinations may incorporate essay questions.