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College of Arts & Sciences General Undergraduate Academic Regulations - Graduation Procedure

After completion of 90 credit hours, students should file an "Application for Graduation" form in the Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Office, Scofield 9. After the application is filed, a review of the student's transcript is prepared, and the student is contacted through UMKC student e-mail to come to the Advising Office for an audit of the general education requirements. During this degree audit process, the following are checked:
  • The student's transcript is compared to the general education requirements. All remaining general education requirements are outlined and discussed.
  • The student's information is reviewed to insure all majors and minors, as appropriate, have been declared.
  • The student's total hours, junior/senior level hours, residence requirements, the minimum major and minor hours, and grade-point average are reviewed.
After the general education portion of the degree audit is complete, the student is given a major degree audit form and a copy of his/her transcript to take to the major adviser for completion. When the major portion of the degree audit has been completed, the student is responsible for returning it to the Arts and Sciences Advising Office. This process is repeated for any additional majors and/or minors.

There are several other important components of the graduation process that the student is solely responsible for completing:

  • All students are required to take the MAPP, administered by the Assessment Office.
  • Students with majors must also check with their department to see if a Major Field Exam is required.
  • Students should have their degree audit updated every semester to make sure they are still making progress towards graduating during the semester for which they have applied.
  • Students are responsible for making sure their address and telephone numbers are correct in the student information system. This should be checked each semester.
  • Students must check their UMKC e-mail account regularly for important and relevant graduation and other information.
  • Any incomplete grade on a student's transcript must be completed and recorded in the Registrar's Office by the end of the semester in which he/she is graduating.
  • Any missing transcripts must be received by the Office of Admissions by the end of the semester in which a student is graduating.

Reapplying for Graduation
If a student does not graduate in the semester for which he/she has applied, he/she must reapply for graduation in the Arts and Sciences Advising Office. The College cannot extend a student's application to the next semester without written notification from the student.