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Bachelor of Science: Chemistry - Student Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

1. Students graduating with a baccalaureate degree in chemistry should be proficient in the basic skills of chemistry. They will:
  • Have a functional knowledge of all the basic areas of chemistry including analytical, organic, physical, inorganic and biochemistry.
  • Be able to integrate their knowledge in these areas and use their critical thinking skills in order to become problem solvers.
  • Be proficient in chemistry laboratories, especially with respect to:
    • Following and understanding general laboratory practice guidelines, especially proper laboratory safety.
    • Performing chemical analyses.
    • Performing simple chemical synthesis.
    • Understanding and using modern chemical instrumentation.
  • Be able to articulate clearly scientific information, both in written and oral forms.
  • Be able to use effectively the scientific literature.
2. Students graduating with a baccalaureate degree in chemistry will be prepared for entry into professional schools (e.g., medical, dental, pharmaceutical, or veterinary), graduate programs, or chemical industries.