UMKC Catalog


BA in Criminal Justice and Criminology - Student Learning Outcomes

The mission of the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Criminology is to prepare future leaders in the field of Criminal Justice with the knowledge to understand and the skills to utilize resources for creative and effective problem-solving.

Graduates of the UMKC's Undergraduate Criminal Justice & Criminology Degree Program will:
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Criminal Justice System, its subsystems (the institutions and structures of police, courts, and corrections) and their interactions (processes).

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the major theoretical explanations for individual motivations to commit crime as well as the nature/occurrence of crime which includes the prominent schools of criminological thoughts - the Positivist, Classical and Chicago Schools of Criminology - and emergent theories.

  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze criminal justice literature, through reading comprehension and interpretation.