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Program Director:
Linda M. Breytspraak Contact Information, Director, Center on Aging Studies, (816) 235-1744

Undergraduate Gerontology Minor

Undergraduate students in any major in the College of Arts and Sciences may seek an interdisciplinary minor in gerontology that will increase awareness of issues of our aging population.  It may introduce possible career paths into service provision, administration, the health professions, and education or research.

Students complete an 18-credit course of study that includes a nine-credit core, six-credits of electives, and a three-credit practicum as outlined below.  Completion of the gerontology minor is recorded on the student's transcript.  Students must declare their intention to pursue the minor on the “Declaration of Major” form and should meet with the gerontology adviser.  No more than 6 credits may be transferred from another institution.


Sociology Core (choose one) Credits
SOCIOL 410R Aging in Contemporary Society 3
SOCIOL 318 Sociology of the Aging Woman 3
Psychology Core (choose one)  
PSYCH 440 The Psychology of Aging 3
PSYCH 441 Adult Development and Aging 3
Health/Biology Core    
A&S 490B ST: The Experience of Health in Aging (on-line) 3
Field Practicum    
A&S 492 * Field Practicum in Aging 3
Elective Courses    
Electives **   6
 *The practicum requirement should be enrolled in after all other core requirements are completed.
**Six elective credit hours can be taken to complete the program. Students should contact the gerontology program director or consult the Center on Aging Studies website ( for a list of 3-credit semester-long courses and 1-credit special topics weekend electives for the upcoming semester.