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Doctor of Philosophy: Clinical Psychology (Health Emphasis) Track - Admission Criteria

The program is designed for applicants with a prior bachelor's or master's level degree. New students are admitted in fall semester only. Because the program receives applications from many more qualified individuals than can be admitted, admission is competitive (see links to detailed information below). All application materials must be received by December 5 to be considered for admission the following fall. Visit the Clinical Psychology (Health Emphasis) Track web page for current application procedures and links to other helpful application resources.

The following are minimum criteria recommended for admission:

1. A bachelor's degree in Psychology, Counseling, Special Education or other health-related discipline such as Pre-Med or Nursing. Satisfactory completion of prior coursework in Introductory/General Psychology, Experimental Methods/Research Design and Statistics/Quantitative Methods is required. Satisfactory completion of prior coursework in at least two of the following areas is also strongly recommended: Abnormal Psychology, Personality, Biopsychology, Sensation and Perception, Cognitive Psychology, Motivation, Social Psychology.

2. Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or graduate GPA of 3.5. Alternative criteria may be accepted at the discretion of the admissions committee if there is good reason to believe the regular criteria do not adequately portray the student’s potential to do quality work in the program. However, admission to the program is highly competitive, and we seek to admit students with a general history of excellence. A disclosure of the average GPA of students recently admitted to the program can be accessed through the program Web page.

3. Competitive Graduate Record Examination scores from the general test (GRE Math + Verbal greater than 300; Analytical Writing score of at least 4.5). Students whose scores fall below this recommended minimum may present additional evidence of their capacity to do quality doctoral-level work. Such additional evidence will be considered and accepted at the discretion of the Clinical Admissions Committee. A disclosure of the GRE scores of students recently admitted to the program can be accessed through the program web page.

4. Demonstrated evidence of interest in clinical health research. The program follows a mentorship model. Therefore, applicants whose research interests are similar to those of the faculty will be given higher consideration. A listing of program faculty interests and research can be accessed through the Department of Psychology People web page.

5. History of personal conduct consistent with the ability to adhere to high standards of student conduct, as outlined in the UMKC Standard for Student Conduct, and professional conduct as outlined by the American Psychological Association and state licensure boards.

Because clinical and health psychology are empirically-based disciplines, the program emphasizes continuous involvement in research and practice. For this reason, students primarily interested in psychotherapy and clinical or counseling practice without a strong interest in the scientific aspect of the scientist/practitioner model would be better served by other programs.

The program typically accepts four students each year. Applicants are evaluated based on the following dimensions:

1. Academic potential
2. Research potential
3. Interpersonal skills and other indications of potential for clinical work
4. Professional identity and involvement
5. Evidence of high ethical standards

The program follows the American Psychological Association Guidelines for Graduate School Offers and Acceptances.