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Bachelor of Arts: Urban Studies - It is recommended that students planning an Urb...

It is recommended that students planning an Urban Studies major take ENV-SCI 110R, ENV-SCI 210, or GEOLOGY 220 to satisfy part of the natural sciences area general degree requirements of the College. ENV-DSN 110 should be elected as one of the humanities area courses. In preparation for the core requirements of the urban studies major, the student should take ECON 201, SOCIOL 101, GEOG 105 and PSYCH 210.

Requirements (48 hours)

Core Courses (24 hours)

All Urban Studies majors are required to take the following core requirements:

  • URBAN ST 101 Introduction to Urban Studies
  • GEOG 309 Urban Geography
  • STAT 236 Applied Statistics for Public Administration
    SOCIOL 363 Introduction to Statistics in Sociology/Criminal Justice
  • UPD 260 History of Urban Planning
    HISTORY 300B Special Studies: Kansas City History
  • POL-SCI 438 Urban Politics
    POL-SCI 328 State and Local Government
    ECON 336 Kansas City Economy
    ECON 458 Urban Economics
  • SOCIOL 362 Methods of Sociological Research
    UPD 300 Quantitative Planning Methods and Techniques
  • ECON 314 Race, Class and Gender: Theory, History and Policy
    SOCIOL 322 Race and Ethnic Relations
    POL-SCI 310 African Americans and the Political Process
  • URBAN ST 499WI Urban Studies Seminar

Concentration (18 hours)

In addition to the core requirements, 18 hours must be taken in an area of concentration:

  • Community Development and Housing
  • Community Organization and Social Services
  • Urban Policy/Management

In consultation with an adviser, selected by the student or designated by the program director, students are expected to develop a program (reflecting interest and applicability to career goals) in one area of concentration: a required course and five electives from those listed under the concentration chosen. Students may not double count any core courses toward the 18 hours.

Community Development and Housing Concentration

Required Course:

  • URBAN ST 340 Neighborhood and Community Development
    UPD 340 Neighborhood and Community Development

Electives (choose five):

Community Organization and Social Services Concentration

Required Course:

Electives (choose five):

  • CJC 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CJC 317 Policies of Drug Use & Control
  • ECON 314 Race, Class, and Gender: Theory, History, and Policy
  • GEOG 203 Intro to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • GEOG 437 Population Geography
  • HISTORY 353 Immigrants and Immigration in American History  
  • PSYCH 406P Introduction to Developmental Disabilities
  • PSYCH 407P Developmental Disabilities and Community Life
  • SOCIOL 211 Social & Psychological Development
  • SOCIOL 302 Social Stratification
  • SOCIOL 322 Race and Ethnic Relations
  • SOCIOL 331 Urban Anthropology
  • SOCIOL 337 Community Development in Urban America
  • SOCIOL 348 Latin American Immigrants and Refugees in the U.S.
  • SOCIOL 431 Social Organization of the City
  • SOCIOL 433 Immigration and the City

SOCIOL 434 Spatial Thinking in Social Sciences Urban Policy/Management Concentration

Required Course

Electives (choose five):

Internship (6 hours)

In developing internships, students should first contact the urban studies director.

The student is expected to participate in work activities in a community organization and receive instruction from agency staff. For each three hours of internship the student must spend 120 hours on site. In addition, the student is evaluated academically.

The internship may be repeated up to a maximum of three semesters and should be taken as URBAN ST 495 Urban Studies Internship. Other internship courses may satisfy this requirement with approval of the adviser.


During the first 60 hours of coursework, students are advised to fulfill prerequisites for core courses and for required courses in the urban studies concentration they choose. At the same time, students should fulfill general graduation requirements, where possible, through completion of courses listed under General Degree Requirements in Arts and Sciences.

When prerequisites and general requirements have been satisfied, students must complete for the urban studies major:

  • Core course requirements: 24 hours
  • Concentration requirements: 18 hours
  • Internship: 6 hours

Total hours required for the major in urban studies: 48