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Bachelor of Science in Accounting - Students seeking an accounting career have the ...

Upon graduation from the B.S. in accounting program, a student will have the skill set and professional mindset needed to perform in entry-level financial accounting, taxation, cost management and auditing positions. 

Sophomore Year - Second Semester
ACCTNG 211   Introduction to Managerial Accounting                                      
ACCTNG 310   Intermediate Accounting 1

Junior Year - First Semester
ACCTNG 307   Cost Management                                       
ACCTNG 350   Accounting Systems and Controls                   
DSOM 309   Intermediate Business Statistics                    
Economics Elective (ECON 301, ECON 302 or ECON 331)                      

Junior Year - Second Semester
ACCTNG 311   Intermediate Accounting II                      
MKT 324    Marketing Concepts                              
DSOM 326   Production/Operations Management                
MGT 330    Understanding the Individual
             in the Organization                            
MGT 370 International Management
MGT 470 International Study in Business

Senior Year - First Semester
ACCTNG 405   Auditing                                        
ACCTNG 408   Federal Income Taxation                         
FIN 325    Financial Management                            
MGT 306    Legal, Ethical and Regulatory
             Environment of Business                        
ACCTNG 420   Advanced Accounting                             

Senior Year - Second Semester
ACCTNG 409   Advanced Tax                                    
ACCTNG 421   Governmental/Not-for-Profit Accounting          
MGT 320    Law of Commercial Transactions                   
MGT 471    Strategic Management                            
ENT 460    Creating the Enterprise                         
Approved Finance Elective (FIN 340, FIN 345, FIN 419, FIN 427, FIN 428, FIN 435)                                 
Note: Students should ensure that prerequisites are taken in the proper sequence.