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CSEE Graduate Academic Regulations - Program of Study

A graduate degree indicates mastery of a coherent program in a chosen field and the ability to engage in creative projects in that specialty. The program of study is vital in assuring the completion of a formal program of study designed to ensure the mastery of specified knowledge and skills.

Forms for the program of study specification may be obtained from the CSEE Department Office. It is required that the program be approved by the student's graduate adviser and the graduate committe chair in the semester in which the student will complete 12 credit hours toward the degree, which is usually during the second semester of enrollment. It is then forwarded to the graduate officer for further approval and handling.

Once a program of study has been approved, it is the student's responsibility to ensure that all curricular requirements and prerequisites are satisfied. If a change in the approved program is needed, a petition must be submitted to the student's adviser who forwards it to the graduate committee for approval. It is not expected that more than four courses will change from the original program of study. If more than four courses are changed, then a new program of study should be filed.