UMKC Catalog


CSEE Graduate Academic Regulations - Advising

Initially, the student will be advised by the academic adviser assigned to them during the first semester of enrollment. In order to enroll in any course, the student must have the signature of the adviser. No student can enroll without such a signature. If a student enrolls in a class without their adviser's signature or approval, that class may not count toward graduation requirements. Also see the section "Starting the Program".

In the semester that results in 12 hours of credit toward the master's degree, students should decide between a thesis option and a non-thesis option. If students decide on a non-thesis option, they should consult with their adviser and submit a plan of study for approval. If students decide on a thesis option, they should seek a thesis adviser, who then also becomes the academic adviser. The thesis adviser must be a full member of the graduate faculty and, in collaboration with the student, will then appoint two other graduate or associate graduate faculty members to be on the student's thesis committee. The thesis committee may consist of more than three members, but the majority of committee members must have full graduate faculty status. Again, a plan of study must be submitted for approval.