UMKC Catalog


CSEE Graduate Academic Regulations - Academic Loads

A graduate student enrolled in the fall or spring semester in nine or more credit hours is considered full time. A graduate student enrolled in the summer semester in five or more credit hours is considered full time. Any student enrolled in less than the above number of hours is considered part time. A student who is enrolled for six credit hours during a regular semester may be considered full time if the student has at least a quarter-time graduate assistantship. A student's academic load may be restricted as deemed fit by the student's graduate adviser or the CSEE master's committee.

International students will be required to take an English Proficiency Test administered by the International Student Affairs Office. Performance on the test may result in the requirement that the student take one or more English language courses during the first semester.

Students holding graduate assistantships should take a minimum of six credit hours during each of the fall and spring semesters and a minimum of three credit hours during the summer session. However, GA/GTA/GRAs who have completed all coursework and who are working on research need to enroll in only one credit hour. International students must abide by the requirements of the U.S. Immigration Service and should consult the International Student Affairs Office regarding this matter.