UMKC Catalog


Master of Arts: Curriculum and Instruction - Early Childhood Emphasis

Total Hours Required 36

The following courses are required in addition to the core courses listed.

The early childhood emphasis is for those who hold elementary or early childhood teacher certification, or for those who are interested in the field of early care and education. The master's degree alone does not lead to certification in early childhood. Additional courses are required to obtain certification to teach early childhood education. For current program plan, go to  and check on Early Childhood.

Early Childhood Courses                          Hours

  (Fifteen hours, including one practicum
   course, are required)

  TCH-ED 440    Introduction to Early Childhood
                 Education                           3
  TCH-ED 442    Observation, Assessment
                 and Screening                       3
  TCH-ED 450    Integrating Early
                 Childhood Curriculum                3
  TCH-ED 451    Child Guidance in the Classroom      3
  TCH-ED 452    Family & Program Relations           4
  TCH-ED 453    Learning from Parents                2
  TCH-ED 454    Human Relations                      3
  EDUC-C&I 5576 Administration of Early
                 Childhood Education Programs        3
  EDUC-C&I 5577 Early Childhood Special Education Methods  3  
  EDUC-C&I 5578 Play and the Early Childhood
                 Environment                         3
  EDUC-C&I 5579 History, Theory and Issues in
                 Early Childhood                     3
  EDUC-C&I 5580 Curriculum for Early Childhood       3
  EDUC-C&I 5583 Supervision in Early Childhood 
                 Education                           3

  Culminating Experience (two three-hour courses)
  An approved special project, internship or thesis
  is required to integrate academic work.

  EDUC-C&I 5575 Internship in Early
                 Childhood Education                 3
  EDUC-C&I 5584 Individual Studies in Early Childhood
                 Education or Action Research        3