UMKC Catalog


Minimum Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Academic Regulations and Degree Requirements - Interim Advisor

Once an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. student is admitted to the School of Graduate Studies, the dean, upon recommendation from the student's disciplines, identifies a doctoral-faculty member from each discipline to serve as the student's interim adviser in that discipline. Students who have had minimal prior graduate study will be encouraged to explore research opportunities before choosing fields of endeavor.

As the student progresses and develops focused research interests, the interim advisers are expected to assist in identifying potential research advisers among doctoral-faculty members in appropriate research areas with whom the student can discuss research plans. The interim advisers also provide academic guidance until the student selects a research adviser, has satisfied all qualifying requirements and is classified as fully admitted. The interim adviser in the student's primary-unit discipline reports on the student's progress to the dean of the School of Graduate Studies. If another faculty member has not been identified as the research adviser by the time the student is fully admitted and ready to formulate the plan of study, the interim adviser in the primary-unit discipline will automatically become the student's research adviser.