UMKC Catalog


Minimum Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Academic Regulations and Degree Requirements - Comprehensive Examination
To advance to degree candidacy, Interdisciplinary Ph.D. students are required to pass a comprehensive examination that integrates components of each discipline to which they have been admitted. Either the written or oral or both component(s) of the comprehensive examination must include an evaluation of the student’s ability to integrate content, theory and/or methods from each specified discipline. The doctoral comprehensive examinations must be completed at least seven months before the date of graduation.

The following requirements must have been met before students can take the comprehensive examination(s):

  1. Successful completion of all qualifying requirements and full admission to the School of Graduate studies.
  2. Appointment of a research adviser and supervisory committee.
  3. Filing and approval of the Ph.D. plan of study and completion of essentially all coursework or other study required for the degree.
The student must be enrolled when taking the comprehensive examination. Comprehensive examinations are not administered when UMKC is not officially in session. The comprehensive examination may be written, oral or both. A student, through his or her adviser, applies to the dean of the School of Graduate Studies for an examining committee. This committee consists of members of the student’s supervisory committee and others approved by the dean of the School of Graduate Studies. The examination is arranged and conducted by the examining committee. Upon completion of the examination, the student’s research adviser sends a report of the results, carrying the signatures of all members of the examining committee, to the dean of the School of Graduate Studies, who then informs the student and the registrar. A student is considered to have passed the comprehensive examination if no more than 20 percent of the committee members vote for failure of the student. If failure is reported, the examining committee will either recommend termination as a Ph.D. student or suggest additional work or other remedial measures. Furthermore, a student who has failed may not take a second examination for at least 12 weeks. Failure of the second comprehensive examination shall automatically preclude candidacy at this institution.