UMKC Catalog


J.D. Degree Requirements - Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be prepared for admission to the Bar and effective and responsible participation in the legal profession and in their communities.

Graduates will demonstrate effective problem-solving skills by:

  • Critically examining complex facts.
  • Identifying client needs and determining legal issues.
  • Efficiently finding relevant law, policy and factual information.
  • Applying appropriate legal rules and standards to the problem.
  • Generating alternative solutions and developing plans for implementation.
  • Continually reviewing and reassessing a plan of action.
Graduates will demonstrate effective communication skills by:

  • Communicating appropriately and effectively with relevant audiences.
  • Relating effectively to professionals from other disciplines.
  • Listening actively.
  • Writing and speaking clearly.
  • Demonstrating cultural sensitivity.
Graduates will demonstrate entry-level competence in legal skills by:

  • Identifying appropriate forums and means for resolution of legal problems.
  • Being able to determine legal issues for analysis and research.
  • Possessing elementary skills in interviewing, counseling and negotiation.
  • Drafting documents to implement basic legal transactions.
  • Dealing sensitively with people in conflict.
Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of the practice of law by:

  • Being aware of career and job options in law practice.
  • Having systemic knowledge of legal bibliography and resources.
  • Possessing basic skills to enter practice as an associate.
  • Having knowledge of basic techniques of law practice operation and management.
Graduates will demonstrate commitment to justice, competence and service to the profession and the community by being:

  • Aware of the history and values of the legal profession.
  • Committed to ethical practice.
  • Aware of the rules governing the profession.
  • Able to critically assess laws and rules and propose alternatives.
  • Committed to lifelong learning and self-development.
  • Appreciative of the value of ideological and cultural diversity.