UMKC Catalog


Urban, Land Use and Environmental Law Emphasis Area Requirements - General Requirements

Minimum Total Hours Required

Students must complete seven of the listed courses: students must complete all courses in Group A, three courses from Group B and one course from Group C. All courses must be taken for a grade (with the exception of those courses for which a grade option is not available). Course work satisfying this requirement must total at least 15 hours.

Writing Requirement

Students must complete an academic research paper of high professional quality concerning a topic within the field of the emphasis area. They may fulfill this requirement in conjunction with any of the listed courses, or as part of the Research and Writing requirement, as part of an Independent Study option, through one of the Law School's journal offerings, or through a research project pursued at the Center for the City at UMKC. Unless written to meet the R&W requirement, the paper must be written for a grade. Advance approval of the topic and faculty adviser is required by one of the land-use and environment faculty.

Practical Skills Component

Students must participate for at least one semester in a practical skills component. The following opportunities satisfy this requirement: the EPA Law Clinic, Region VII; the EPA Law Clinic, Agricultural Center; or a service placement with the Center for the City at UMKC. Participation in the EPA Law Clinics can simulataneously be used to satisfy the minimum hours requirement.

Ethics Component

Ethical considerations will be incorporated into the listed emphasis area courses.

Research Component

All students in the program must complete an advanced research offering which will provide advanced skills in research in the urban, land use and environmental law field. This may entail a separate course of study, a component of an existing course, or separate lecture, seminar or workshop offerings as designated by the Program Faculty Advisors.