UMKC Catalog


Business & Entrepreneurial Emphasis Area Requirements - Curriculum Requirements

Prerequisites or Co-requisites

  • Business Organizations
  • Federal Taxation

Required Courses(Group A)

  • Securities Regulation
  • Legal Accounting (or other approved accounting education)
  • Either Taxation of Business Organizations or Corporate Tax I and Partnership Tax
  • Either Secured Transactions or Real Estate Finance

Grouped Required courses (Group B) (Must take three courses)

  • Business Planning
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Real Estate Transactions (May not count both Real Estate Finance and Real Estate Transactions.)
  • Negotiating Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Secured Transactions (If not taken to satisfy the UCC requirement or as a Group A course)
  • Commercial Transactions (If not taken to satisfy the UCC requirement)
  • Sales and Leasing (If not taken to satisfy the UCC requirement)
  • Debtor/Creditor
  • Problems in Bankruptcy (May not count both Debtor/Creditor and Bankruptcy.)
  • Entrepreneurial Law/Practice Clinic
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • International Business Transactions
  • Labor Law
  • Employment Discrimination Law
  • Employment Law (No more than one course of the group including Labor Law, Employment Discrimination Law and Employment Law may be counted.)
  • Administrative Law
  • Intellectual Property Copyright Law (May not count both Intellectual Property and Copyright Law.)
  • Antitrust and Competition Law
  • Tax-Exempt Organizations
The above requirements are in addition to any hours received in connection with the Writing Component (unless done in connection with a listed course), any hours received for the Advanced Research Component, or for the Ethics Component. In addition, a course shall not be required for any student who has not had a reasonable opportunity to take the course due to limited enrollment, or due to the fact that the School has not offered the course at least once after the student has been admitted to the program.