UMKC Catalog


Child & Family Law Emphasis Area Requirements - Admission Requirements

Students may apply after completing their second semester (or 29 credit hours).  Students who are close to completing the hourly requirements may petition for early admission for good cause shown. 

An application form will be available and must be submitted by the deadline announced by the Child and Family Law Faculty. Decisions as to whether a student will be admitted to the Emphasis in Child and Family Law will be made in the semester in which the student applies.

Procedure and Criteria for Selection:

The Child and Family Law Faculty will select the students to be admitted to the program. Criteria to be considered may include previous general academic performance in law school, previous academic performance in courses seen as particularly relevant to the emphasis area, level of interest in serving children or families, and ability to identify an adviser willing to advise and supervise the student.

No student shall be admitted to the Child and Family Law program unless he or she has  a grade-point average of 2.6 or above in all law school classes previously taken.

The Child and Family Law Faculty is authorized to make appropriate adjustments in the deadlines for part-time students or other students whose schedules do not substantially conform to the six semester paradigm.