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The tuition and fee rates are helpful to get an idea of how much one semester of tuition and fees will cost.  The tuition and fees are broken down by Undergraduate, Graduate, School of Dentistry, School of Law, School of Medicine, and School of Pharmacy. The tuition and fee rates are broken down further depending on your residency status: resident, non-resident, Metro rate, or Midwest Student Exchange. The tuition and fee rates:


Net price calculator

The net price calculator considers costs such as tuition, fees, books and supplies, as well as those costs related to normal living expenses such as room and board, and other personal expenses–expenses that individuals would likely need to consider even if they were not attending college. The calculator also provides a summary of potential student aid programs an individual may qualify to receive while attending UMKC. Eligibility requirements vary and awards are not guaranteed through the use of the net price calculator.

You will need to answer some basic questions about you and/or your parents' financial situation, so it will be beneficial to have recent tax documents on hand, as well as additional data pertaining to your financial budget.




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