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Setting up direct deposit

  1. Log on to Pathway at
    • Type in your username and password and click Sign In.
    • If you have not set up your username and password or forgot them, go to
      Note: If this is the first-time on Pathway, you must E-Consent by clicking UM E-Consent on the bottom of the left menu.
  2. Click on Self-Service, then Campus Finances, then Manage Direct Deposit.

  3. manage direct deposit
  4. Click the Manage Direct Deposit button that will appear in the middle of the screen. Note: Pop-up Blockers must be disabled at this step.

  5. manage direct deposit
  6. A new window will open at this time: Refund Direct Deposit Signup. Check the Update Direct Deposit box and enter your banking information. Click the authorization box and then Update My Information.
    manage direct deposit
Your Direct Deposit Account is now set up. Please make sure to update it if any changes are made to your personal banking account.




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