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UMKC offers an innovative approach to better prepare students to enter the workforce and land professional, high-paying careers.

UMKC Professional Career Escalators offer applied learning opportunities and a cohort-based experience for students interested in careers related to one of four tracks: health care, education, business/engineering or law and justice. Any major is welcome to apply.

Students in the program receive access to specialized student success services including career guidance and development, mentorship, applied and hands-on learning opportunities, professional access preparation and a leadership development credential. The program also offers a $2,500 per year on-campus housing scholarship so that students that choose to live on-campus can live in a dedicated living/learning community. Students have the option to choose either $1500 tuition assistance or $2,500 for on-campus housing as part of the program.

Please note: The final program application deadline is March 1st for the fall semester.

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