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To meet the needs of Kansas City, the state of Missouri and the world in a post-COVID age requires UMKC to achieve new heights. That’s why we launched UMKC Forward — to reimagine our future in innovative and creative ways that would grow our excellence and financial stability.

Learn more from UMKC Chancellor C. Mauli Agrawal and Provost Jenny Lundgren on how UMKC Forward will position the university for excellence.

The video describes UMKC Forward’s five key investments, identified through a collaborative process that included UMKC faculty, staff, students and community partners.


What faculty, staff and students are saying about UMKC Forward

Karen King

Senior grants coordinator, School of Education, UMKC Staff Council chair
“The goal of the UMKC Forward plan is realizing the best UMKC possible — the version of Kansas City’s university which will effectively meet the needs of the whole community. The effective implementation of the UMKC Forward plan means long-term success for this institution, present and future students and the Kansas City metropolitan community.”

Tom Mardikes

Professor and head of graduate sound design, Conservatory, UMKC Faculty Senate chair
"The heart of any university is the relationship of the student to the faculty. Our current administration has embraced the goal of putting the student/faculty relationship first and foremost. Investing in our faculty to better secure student success is a winner, and I'm very excited to see how impactful and productive this new approach can be for UMKC.”

Mahreen Ansari

Student, UMKC Student Government Association president
“We took COVID-19 as an opportunity to reimagine how our campus works. UMKC Forward is going to be the initiative that continues to push the university into the future, even further than we previously thought.”