Chancellor’s Office

students planting foliage

Mission, vision and goals


UMKC will become a model urban research university characterized by signature graduate and professional programs, a dynamic undergraduate population, a highly diverse faculty, staff and student body, and active engagement with its city and region.

Mission statement

UMKC’s mission is to lead in life and health sciences; to deepen and expand strength in the visual and performing arts; to develop a professional workforce and collaborate in urban issues and education; and to create a vibrant learning and campus life experience.

  • Place student success at the center
  • Lead in life and health sciences
  • Advance urban engagement
  • Excel in the visual and performing arts
  • Embrace diversity
  • Promote research and economic development
Statement of Values

We, the community members of UMKC, are proud to contribute to a student-centered urban university, serving our mission of learning, discovery, research, and service, inspired by our commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and respectful interaction.

Committed to learning, we agree to:
  • Pursue our own growth, encourage our students, and support all engaged in learning, discovery, research, and service.
  • Learn from our mistakes and value feedback from others.
  • Explore the ways our experiences and biases shape us, so as to empower ourselves and elevate our communities.
As individuals, we agree to:
  • Act with honesty, integrity, transparency, and accountability for our decisions and actions.
  • Appreciate each person as multitalented, possessing dignity, and reflecting diverse social and cultural identities.
  • Listen to others with empathy, express our own views with civility, and engage in respectful dialogue.
As a community, we agree to:
  • Foster a culture of caring and service.
  • Avoid assuming intentions or judging others.
  • Partner and collaborate with colleagues and constituents in our stewardship of university resources.
Working to create a great university, a vibrant community, and a better world, we agree to:
  • Ensure that everyone is safe and free from oppression, to fully participate in our multicultural community.
  • Engage in critical inquiry and data-informed decision-making that fosters continuous improvement.
  • Recognize change as an ongoing opportunity to create a brighter future for each and for all.