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Leading through a transition

Interim Chancellor and Provost Barbara A. Bichelmeyer says that UMKC is working towards building a model 21st century public urban research university.

Q: Where is UMKC at now as a university?

Bichelmeyer: We at UMKC are conservators and stewards of knowledge in many disciplines. Our faculty have expertise in fine arts, music, humanities, languages, mathematics, social sciences, physical sciences, natural sciences, biological sciences, and professional areas such as computing and engineering, education, health sciences, law, and management.

We are committed to sharing the knowledge we have for the good of the greater collective. Our students are invited by our faculty, staff, and their peers, to engage in numerous and various experiences that will help them acquire as much knowledge as possible and for the benefit of others.

Q: What is UMKC's role in the city?

Bichelmeyer: UMKC is at the heart of the diverse, vibrant, rich, and thriving community. Our identity, our activities, and our contributions are deeply and inextricably interwoven with the culture, history, ideas, and people of this region. We encourage our students to understand, value, participate in, and contribute in the community in ways that will enrich their own life and the lives of those with whom they connect.

Q: How does research that UMKC performs help in the university's mission?

Bichelmeyer: As a research enterprise, we at UMKC create new knowledge that makes our world a more understandable place, a more navigable place, and ultimately, a better place than it ever was before. Our faculty will models this for students, and teaches them, how to conduct research across the variety of disciplines.

The true value of research is that it is the process by which we find answers to our own questions, and ultimately, it is the way in which we learn. In sum, here’s what’s waiting for students at UMKC: exposure to the breadth and depth of all the best human knowledge collected throughout the centuries; engagement in a diverse and vibrant community that benefits students and others; and an experience that teaches them how to ask their own questions and find their own answers so they can keep learning for the rest of their life.