About us


The Office of Community and Public Affairs works to promote mutual understanding and supportive relationships between the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a variety of community sectors.

The Office also builds and strengthens relationships with UMKC through established relationships and connections with: local government (city and county), the civic community, minority community and a variety of neighborhood, community, civic and business leaders.

The Office also plays a role in communicating the University’s mission, vision, and values through acts of community engagement, as well as reflecting the community’s needs and concerns back to the University.



The Office of Community and Public Affairs is continually seeking opportunities to support initiatives, programs and events that positively impact the community UMKC serves. Because of the large volume of requests the office receives, we attempt to support those initiatives and activities that tie in most closely with the university’s vision, values, mission and strategic goals.

UMKC’s Strategic Goals and Objectives

  • Place Student Success at the Center
  • Lead in the Life and Health Sciences
  • Advance Urban Engagement
  • Excel in the Visual and Performing Arts
  • Embrace Diversity
  • Promote Research and Economic Development


Stancia Jenkins

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Community and Public Affairs



Stancia serves as assistant vice chancellor for Community and Public Affairs and is responsible for establishing and maintaining effective relationships with local government, civic and neighborhood leaders, community organizations, and surrounding businesses. Communicating the mission, vision and values of the University through acts of community outreach are also within her purview.

Virginia “Dee” Evans

Assistant Director



As assistant director of Community and Public Affairs, Dee assists the University in identifying opportunities for community engagement through various University-wide urban initiatives. Dee also serves the community through participation on numerous boards. She is active in African-American initiatives, and earned a 2008-2009 fellowship to the NOBEL (National Organization of Black Elected Legislative) Women National Leadership Institute.

General Office Duties

  • Maintaining effective relationships with University’s key publics, constituents and community organizations.
  • Staffing select University advisory boards, councils and cabinets.
  • Coordinating volunteer activities.
  • Communicating key messages to constituents to support university goals and priorities.
  • Communication of mission, vision and values through acts of community outreach.
  • Developing and implementing strategic plans to advance the University’s mission and objectives with constituents.
  • Evaluating community and constituent needs/ concerns and proposing and developing programs and activities for engagement.
  • Representing University on community boards and commissions and within national organizations where university holds memberships (per administration’s direction – national org.’s).
  • University contact for community concerns.
  • Overseeing University-wide sponsorships (dollars) and memberships with organizations that align with university mission, values and goals, and some engagement activities within those organizations.
  • Providing opportunities for faculty and staff to contribute in community outreach activities.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective relationships with University area businesses, local government and neighborhoods.
  • Working with Advancement Division and Development Office to maintain current constituent database.
  • Serve as source of advice on community issues
  • Gather information on special community initiatives and prepare information briefs/proposals for senior administration.
  • Assist administration with developing communication strategies or developing messaging to reach key constituencies.
  • Remaining current on area development plans and local government activity for impact on UMKC.