As an urban university founded by civic leaders, UMKC seeks to contribute to the social, cultural and economic life of its community through active engagement with its city and region.

Know your elected officials

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For information about the Volker Neighborhood Council's members, strategic plan, and meeting minutes.


At UMKC, we believe in life-long learning. Communiversity, an adult education program sponsored by the Student Involvement office offers the community the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics in a fun environment.

All classes are taught by volunteer teachers and about 8,000 people take Communiversity classes each year. From cooking classes to financial planning seminars, belly dancing or wholistic health, you’re sure to find a class that peaks your interest in each catalog.



UMKC’s resource to connect our campuses and the wider community for service and learning. Using a web-based interface, Serve2Learn provides a forum for our faculty, staff, students, and alumni to view opportunities and needs posted by Kansas City’s community-based organizations . Want to find a great place to volunteer?


Aims to educate students on the responsibilities involved with living in a neighborhood versus traditional student housing. Safety and security, parking, and trash collection are addressed.

Neighborhood representatives from Rockhill Crest are present at the Neighborhood 101 classes to provide guidance and support.

Since the inception of Neighborhood 101 the Student Involvement office has become more engaged with familiarizing students with neighborhood activities associated with being a good neighbor and requires new students living in university-owners properties to attend the class.

Faculty and Staff

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