The Assess for Success program helps students with academic performance by providing a cost-effective assessment service targeted to individual needs. The program is designed for individuals who may be experiencing difficulty due to study skills, unique learning styles, test anxiety, other variations in mood, learning disabilities and/or attention and focus issues.

With a wide range of assessment tools (determined on a case-by-case basis), the goal of Counseling Services is to provide an assessment process that is individualized and contributes to positive classroom outcomes. The objective is to help each individual maximize their learning potential through scholastic achievement.

Are you concerned about…

  • Test anxiety?
  • Grades?
  • Learning strategies?
  • Learning disability?
  • Study skills?
  • Attention and focus?

This may be the service for you if you:

  • Don’t get the grades you think you are capable of;
  • Study hard, but your grades do not reflect it;
  • Never developed good study skills;
  • Feel the way you think and learn seems different from other people;
  • Wonder whether you are smart enough for college work;
  • Have trouble maintaining attention and focus;
  • Get so anxious during tests you do not do your best work;
  • Do not feel motivated;
  • Want to make the most of your study time; and/or
  • Need updated documentation on a learning disability and/or ADHD.


Costs for assessment services are competitive and depend upon the needs and requests of the individual. For students, there is no fee for the intake appointment. Student fees then range from $50-$450, depending on the type and complexity of the assessment provided. Information on payment options is available upon request.

Call Counseling Services at 816-235-1635 and ask for Assess for Success to discuss your needs and the services available.



Assess for Success

Contact Info

Carolyn Pepper, Psy.D.
Assessment Coordinator
Phone: 816-235-5185