Application procedures

Candidates must be enrolled in an APA-accredited doctoral program in counseling or clinical psychology. All formal coursework must be completed by the internship’s start date. Applicants must have completed three semesters of supervised practicum.

Note: The application deadline for the UMKC Counseling Services internship is November 15, 2017.

Application form

UMKC Counseling Services uses the APPIC Application for Psychology Internship Form.


The online AAPI application includes:

  1. A cover letter (specifically state why you are considering UMKC’s internship)
  2. Current vita
  3. Essays
  4. DCT's Verification of Eligibility and Readiness
  5. All graduate transcripts
  6. Three Standardized Reference Forms, completed by individuals with direct knowledge of your academic and clinical performance

APPIC Member number: 1391

View our APPIC Directory Listing.


Note: Counseling Services follows APPIC match policies for the internship selection process and agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information from any intern applicant.


Selection process

Screening process

Completed applications are evaluated on a variety of factors. Applicants will be notified if they are no longer under consideration. Applicants will be notified of their application status via e-mail. We will make every attempt to notify applicants of interview status by December 15.


An on-site, Skype or telephone interview is required of applicants who have passed our initial review of applications.  Although on-site interviews are often preferred by candidates, we have ranked and matched with all types of interviewees. Interviews take place from late December to mid-January and last approximately two hours.  All interviews include a 45-minute semi-structured interview with the selection committee, and one-on-one meetings with the Training Coordinator and a current intern.  On-site interviews include a tour of the facilities.  On-site or virtual campus tours can be arranged through the UMKC Welcome Center.

Computer Match Program

UMKC Counseling Services is registered to participate in the APPIC Computer Match Program. To be considered at our site, you will also have to be registered with the computer match company, by requesting an applicant agreement package.


Internship Match Program Code: 139111

Criminal background checks

All matched candidates are required by the university to pass a criminal background check prior to starting the internship.

Policy regarding Academic Programs requesting additional evaluation materials

Interns at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Counseling Services receive ongoing evaluative feedback from supervisors throughout the training year. These evaluations are comprehensive in nature, and are based on our program's training model, philosophy, goals, objectives, and competencies. At least two times per year the Internship Training Coordinator sends the intern's Academic Training Director a letter summarizing the intern's performance to date along with a copy of the supervisors’ evaluation of the intern.  Therefore, if you are enrolled in an academic training program that requires additional training contracts and/or evaluations, these will NOT be completed by the University of Missouri-Kansas City Counseling Center training staff. Your program may choose to use the data from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Counseling Center’s evaluations to complete their own forms. You are strongly encouraged to consult with your Director of Clinical Training or the University of Missouri-Kansas City Counseling Services Training Coordinator if you have questions about this policy.





For application information, contact:

Arnold Abels, Ph.D.
Training Coordinator
Counseling, Health and Testing and Disabilities
University of Missouri-Kansas City
4825 Troost, Suite 206
Kansas City, MO 64110

Phone: 816-235-1218
Fax: 816-235-6350



Important Dates

November 15, 2017:
Application deadline
December 15, 2017:
Applicants notified of interview status
December 2017 - January 2018: 
On-site, Skype and phone interviews
February 7, 2018:
Deadline for submission of rank order lists
February 23, 2018:
APPIC Phase I Match Day