Do I need an emergency appointment?

Deciding what you need at Counseling Services

If the answer is “yes” to any of the following questions, we suggest you ask our receptionist for an immediate emergency walk-in appointment or to speak immediately to a counselor to help determine a next step.

  1. Are you having persistent thoughts of ending your own life or are you at risk of suicide?

  2. Are you at risk of inflicting serious bodily harm to yourself or anyone else?

  3. Have you recently --  

    1. Been physically and/or sexually assaulted or abused?

    2. Been unable to go to class or complete academic work due to an emotional crisis or mental health difficulty?

    3. Been medically at risk due to eating disorder behaviors?

    4. Heard or seen things that do not exist or that others cannot see or hear?

    5. Been unable to provide for your own food, clothing, or shelter?

  4. Are you overwhelmed with such strong emotions or anxiety related to a recent event that your ability to cope is dramatically reduced?

  5. If you are not seen today, might you have difficulty keeping a scheduled appointment?

If none of the above is true for you, but you do feel a strong sense of urgency or have an unusual situation that the above does not address, please feel free to ask the receptionist to schedule you a walk-in appointment available at 10 am or 2 pm or to ask to speak to the on-call therapist to help determine if you need to come in immediately.

You may find after consultation that scheduling a regular intake appointment that best fits your schedule meets your immediate need.  The receptionist will assist you to schedule the next available intake appointment. 

If you are already a current client of Counseling Services, please let the receptionist know this. Sometimes, your individual therapist might be able to speak with you about the best course of action, whether that means coming in for an immediate appointment with the on-call counselor or working you in to their own schedule.

Each day, the on-call counselor has time set aside specifically to see walk-in appointments as needed. While they can see you at any time, it can be easiest to come in at 10:00 am or 2:00 pm. If you are not already a client of Counseling Services, you will be asked to come 30 minutes early to complete some initial paperwork.

For information on how Counseling Services can assist faculty, staff, and concerned others in crisis situations, click here.



Hotline numbers

1-800-273-TALK (8255)