Assessment Practicum

Counseling Services offers an Assessment Practicum and interested graduate students are encouraged to apply. Assessments are often geared toward addressing learning styles, concerns and applicable diagnoses that impact one’s academic performance. Many clients request an assessment to determine whether a learning disorder and/or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is (are) applicable. As appropriate, personality or mood, study skills and interests are assessed as well. Reports and feedback consultations are then generated to address referral questions, including documented results, interpretations and recommendations. Clients are age 16 and older.

The practicum duration is one to two semesters in length (preferably two), although it is negotiable. The practicum student will be on-site 16-20 hours per week. Actual days and times are also negotiable. Time on-site is spent learning, administering, scoring and interpreting assessments, as well as conducting clinical interviews, writing assessment reports and consulting with colleagues.

Application procedure

Prerequisite: Student must have completed at least one assessment course in graduate training and be familiar with clinical interviewing and administration of the WAIS-III or WAIS-IV.

To apply: Complete the Assessment Practicum Application. Applicants will be notified of interviews with Carolyn Pepper, Psy.D., and other staff members.




For more information about the Assessment Practicum, contact:

Carolyn Pepper, Psy.D.
Assessment Coordinator
Phone: 816-235-5185