Social Work Practicum

Through the Social Work Practicum, students work within a group of multidisciplinary trainees at Counseling Services and receive supervised training in a clinical APA-accredited setting. Primary supervision is under the office’s licensed clinical social worker and involves:

  • Direct service with individual, group and couples counseling, as well as intake, and crisis intervention;
  • Outreach opportunities for prevention and early intervention efforts with a focus on holistic health promotion;
  • Program planning and development for the campus’ alcohol and substance use program with experiences in research, policy and program evaluation; and
  • Provision of case management services bridging students to community resources, as indicated.

Unique placement aspects

Orientation and training

A training and orientation program is conducted for the social work and psychology practicum students and interns each August. The program consists of a variety of presentations, experiential workshops and other activities designed to help trainees prepare for their roles and responsibilities. In addition to the intensive training activities, informal social events are planned so that trainees can build group cohesiveness and meet the Counseling Services staff.

Practicum hours

When classes begin for the Fall semester, practicum students begin their placement for the academic year, working the required number of hours for their specific program or school and work through their program's practicum end date in May.

Training model & supervision

The social work trainee will receive 1.5 hours of formal supervision per week.  Group supervision/case conference is also provided for 1 hour each week.  Throughout the training, the social work trainee learns how to address diversity and ethical issues while working with various populations and presenting concerns.  Also, the trainee learns how to work with different aspects of prevention, outreach and intervention using evidenced-based practices. This exposes the trainee to the functions and service delivery areas common to many agency settings, especially university counseling centers. Professional seminars complementing the ongoing work experiences are an integral part of the training. Training also occurs within the context of close supervisory contact with different senior staff members through participation in various center activities. The training program is committed to each social work trainee’s personal and professional development and is sensitive and responsive to individual needs and interests.

Eligibility and application procedures

Social work students must be advanced master-level students in an accredited social work program, must have prior direct service experience in a service setting, and have psychopathology and mental health coursework completed or concurrent with placement. For more information or to apply for the social work practicum, contact Dale Voigt-Catlin at 816-235-5352 or through e-mail.



For more information about the Social Work Practicum, contact:

Dale Voigt-Catlin, LCSW
Phone: 816-235-5352