Personalized E-Mail Account

Welcome to the UMKC student personalized e-mail account page. To create your personalized UMKC e-mail address, follow the steps below:

  1. Click here to begin the process
  2. Login with your UMKC single sign on
  3. The web page should be displaying your name at the top
  4. Click on the find eligible addresses button
  5. Click on the e-mail you like best and choose personalize my mailbox (note: you may only choose one e-mail address)
  6. Click ok to confirm

Eligibility is limited to non-FERPA asserting students and employees with an employee-type of student in the HR database. If you are a student and an employee of the University, you may or may not be eligible for a customized e-mail address. If in the University HR system, your job classification is entered as an employee, you are not eligible for customization of your e-mail address. Please contact HR if you have questions.

NOTE: Brand new UMKC students cannot personalize your email account until you have registered and made an initial payment for a class.


What options do I have for my personalized e-mail account?
You cannot make up an e-mail address from scratch. For example: is not allowed. The eligible addresses are derived from your name. All e-mail addresses already in use will be excluded from your list of possibilities. If your name is John Edward Doe, you might be able to use the following:
and potentially more options

What does it mean if I login, click on find eligible addresses and get the message "Sorry! You are not an eligible student!!"
This most likely means that, in the student database with the Registrar's Office, your information is directory restricted or in the HR database you are listed as an "employee type" of faculty or staff instead of a student. You will need to contact either the Registrar's Office or the HR office to inquire about getting this status changed.

Can I still use my old UMKC address in addition to a personalized e-mail address?
Yes. Your single sign on still remains, as does your old e-mail account. The personalized e-mail you create is just an alias that sends mail to your original account. For example: John Doe with an old e-mail address of would be able receive e-mail messages at both and

Will my password change if I create a personalized e-mail account?
No. Your password will remain the same for your single sign on, your old e-mail address and your personalized e-mail address.