Faculty Search Support Team

The Faculty Search Support Team supports Pillar 4 of UMKC’s Strategic Plan by providing outreach, resources, and support for inclusive hiring practices for departments and faculty. The initiative began in April 2021 as part of Roos Advocate for Community Change. FSST is a joint collaboration between Faculty Affairs, the Division of Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources, and the Provost’s Office.

Departments that have been approved to hire undergo the following process.

  • Request Approval to Hire  
  • Write Job Advertisement, Create Recruitment Plan 
  • Diversity Fellow Reviews Materials
  • FSST Introduction Video
  • Advertise and Recruit 
  • Certify Applicant Pool 
  • Meeting 2 - Virtual
  • Review Applications, Select Finalists, Certify Finalist Pool
  • First round Interviews, Evaluate with Rubric, Meet as Committee, Second Round, Evaluate with Rubric, Meet as Committee 
  • If hire approved, offer extended 
  • Hire completed 

For more information contact any member of the Faculty Search Support Team

Diane Filion, Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs​  

Makini King, Assistant Vice Chancellor and AVC of Diversity and Inclusion​  

Susan Hankins, Human Resources Academic Specialist​  

Michelle Smirnova, Associate Professor of Sociology & DEI Faculty Fellow

Debra Laufer, Hiring Coordinator