Leadership in Disability Studies Certificate

Required Courses

Leadership in Disability Studies: A Multidisciplinary Approach

An overview of the history of disability issues, some individualized perspectives of persons with disabilities, the rationale for interdisciplinary approaches regarding disability studies, and opportunities for leadership development with regard to disability issues. The students will participate in a forum that encourages reflection, exchange of ideas, interaction with persons with disabilities and persons from various fields of study, and case analysis. After an orientation to the study of disabilities, various aspects of community membership for persons with disabilities will be addressed, particularly with regard to the workplace, the neighborhood, and the home. Emphasis with placed on vital leadership roles that facilitate community membership and contribution of persons with disabilities to society.

Taught by Bill Dittmeier, JD, Elizabeth Moran, JD and Julie Warm, Ph.D.

Life Span Issues in Developmental Disabilities

The need for interdisciplinary process in the human services sector, which supports inclusiveness and quality of life of individuals, is covered. The course covers cultural competence, person-centered and community-based application of services for their implications in planning and delivery of services.

Disability and Community Support

SGS 501 Disability & Community Support is an academic service-learning course that will integrate 15 classroom contact hours with 60 service hours within a framework of Disability Studies.

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Julie Warm, PhD
Director of Interdisciplinary Training

UMKC Institute for Human Development
215 W. Pershing Road, 6th Floor
Kansas City, MO 64108

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